before begin, i will say Hi..

There no rule about how you make an article, just plz remember what you type will be an information for everyone in the net. Basically u can make whatever you like. Every article must have introduction, full description, supporting article, source.


type short description about your article. if possible just 1 paragraph will be nice.

Full descriptionEdit

Type full description for your article, if this article have story or related plz type nicely.

supporting articleEdit

everything that related to the article, you can type next. For example about hume race, after you describe hume class, you can add about what languages they have, what perfect job and soon. If you think your article will be long, don't hesitate to split into more article.


there no article without source. please add your source here, you can type link where your source from. And if the source from Wikipedia, please type {{wikipedia}}. you will have like this