This page is about the Ragnarok Online 2 Wiki IRC channel.

The IRC channel is available to provide support for users and discussion of all RO2 ...

The main channel is located at #Ragnarok2 on the Deltaanime network. This can also be accessed on the web at Web Chat.

Channel information Edit

Please note that this channel is hosted by Deltaanime, and not Ragnarok Online 2 Wiki. While there are often some staff and other ops in the channel, it is not always fully moderated.

Accessing the channel with a web browser Edit

You can access the channel with the Chat Link. You do not need any additional software to access the Webchat version - just enter a nickname and click "login". This allows you to talk on our channel.

Query allows you to privately message another person. Don't query any channel operator before ask your question in general chat, if you have any personal question to do, first ask in general for a query with opers.

Whois will give you some basic information about a user, the channels they are in, which server they on, whether they are "identified to services" (logged in with a registered IRC nick), their real name if they provided one..

Kick will remove a user from the channel. This can only be used if your are a channel op (admin). It only temporarily removes a user.

How to connect with an IRC client Edit

If you do not yet have an IRC client, you need to obtain one:

Once you have downloaded a client, you can join Deltaanime by typing /server and then join the channel by typing /join #Ragnarok2

How to register your nickname and identifyEdit

You can register your nick with the nickserv service. Type /msg nickserv register <password> <mail>, e.g. /msg nickserv register ro2 When logging on later on type /msg nickserv identify <password> so that nickserv can identify you as the owner of a nick. For more help, type /msg nickserv help.

  • "/msg nickserv help" or "/msg chanserv help" is how to get official freenode help on this matter.

Related channels Edit